Thursday, June 01, 2006


Check out the candidate brackets on Election Central at When I was teaching 8th grade civics I would have used this site as mandatory reading for students throughout the elections. There is a lot of information about the candidates, plus facts, trivia, and news items on the site. It's the basics of state government and the current elections.

On the bottom left hand side of the homepage is the current survey. "If you were voting for Lt. Governor today, who would receive your vote?" The 3 Democratic candidates share a total of 69% leaving the 3 Republican candidates splitting 31%. I assume the survey will change from time to time. It's interactive. You can vote and see the results from your own computer screen. Of course, there's nothing scientific about the survey but it looks to me like more Democrats than Republicans are using the site. Check it out and vote for your favorite Democrat!

If you could survey voters about one issue, ask one question, what would it be?

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