Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Political Ads

I've seen them, you've seen them, we've all seen them --- political ads. Some are funny, some are mean-spirited, many are pathetic and disingenous.

Someone called me today to complain about Todd Hiett's promise that "souls will be saved" if he is elected Lt. Governor. How disgsusting. This gentleman told me that his soul was already saved and it sure had nothing to do with Todd Hiett. The audacity of some politicians to claim such power!

Mack Miller, who serves as the CD3 Chairman for the ODP, recently published this opinion piece in all three of his newspapers. And unless you subscribe to The Dewey County Record, The Canton Times, or The Okeene Record you probably missed it. So I thought I'd reprint it here and let you all comment on the topic of political ads of the worst kind.

From The Backroom...
By Mack Miller

I must admit, I am sick of the political ads already, even before anyone has filed. Denise Bode and Todd Hiett have already turned me off on political TV ads.

Denise Bode’s ads stinks. Hey, that is one of the nicer things I have heard anyone say about her ads. Others have called them hypocrisy.

Denise’s TV ad starts out with a stained glass church window of Jesus then shows Denise teaching a Bible lesson. The ad goes on to talk about her faith and her belief in God, etc.

Huh? Did I miss something? Is Denise Bode running for a church position? Quick! Someone explain to her there IS a separation of Church and State in this country. Our Founding Fathers left England because they were not allowed to worship God as they each saw fit. They came to this country and founded this great nation on this principle - that each man and woman could worship God as we each saw fit and no government official could take this right away from us.

It is apparent that Denise Bode failed to understand her history lesson on this. Denise, please figure out where you are going because, by your TV ads, you are headed in the wrong direction to be running for a political office!
My only regret is that I am not in the 5th District so I could vote AGAINST Denise Bode!

Todd Hiett’s TV ads almost make you laugh. Ever see a drugstore cowboy? Well, just watch Todd’s ads and you will see the prettiest drugstore cowboy ever I did see. He looks so pretty, he almost needs a dress on.

Todd is walking along with his brand new jeans and new shirt on. Oh yeah, he has that fancy cowboy hat on also. Oh, Yuck, those awful yellow cowboy boots. You can tell Todd Hiett has never seen a cow lot.

Todd isn’t really a cowboy. He just found the boots.

Todd Hiett has stated publicly he was going to run for 4 offices. He was first going to run for Corporation Commissioner. Nope. Couldn’t get elected.

He was going to run for State Treasurer. Nope. Couldn’t get elected.

He was going to run for Governor. Well, Brad Henry’s approval rating is at 70% or more. Nope. Couldn’t be elected.

Lieutenant Governor Mary Fallin announced she was going to run for the 5th District Congressional Seat. Todd had an idea. He’d run for Lieutenant Governor. But he has a problem. He has two opponents, probably, in the Republican Primary. Ooops! Todd won’t be elected.

Poor Todd. The teachers remembered the pay raise they were supposed to get last time. The $1,200 pay raise never got to them. What happened?

King of the House, King Todd, insisted the teacher pay raise go thru the formula. Some career teachers got a $200 increase and some didn’t get anything. Todd can’t make up his mind on the teacher pay issue this year either. He keeps trying to ride the fence.

Todd Hiett has held up House Bills until the author’s name was struck and his name or one of his buddies’ names inserted as the author.

Todd Hiett is the first Speaker of the House accused by lawmakers and lobbyists alike of running a `pay to play’ scheme. Reportedly, they either had to make a donation to Todd’s election campaign or the campaign of one of his buddies in order to get their bill heard on the House Floor..

Todd Hiett reportedly made the opening session of the House this year then stayed in his office after that - raising money for his election campaign. After fed up with Todd not being on the House Floor, the Republican House members were reported to have gone into caucus for over 2 hours. When they came out, King Todd went to his place on the House Floor. He remained there until the House gallery was packed with teachers and the House was prepared to vote on the teacher pay raise. King Todd then walked off the House Floor.
But, `if’ King Todd gets through the Republican Primary for Lieutenant Governor (the odds of this aren’t likely), I WILL get a chance to vote AGAINST him! And I WILL!!!

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blueqqs said...

Did you see the cartoon in the Tulsa World (and maybe other papers) that said "Will Rogers never met Todd Hiett"??? It was priceless!!!!!!!!! I am a state worker and will do ANYTHING so ole Hiett will NOT get elected. He supports issues for only those with a silver spoon in their mouths. Family man??? What does he have against my family???