Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Congratulations to the Young Democrats of Oklahoma on a successful fundraiser last night. Since I was in Ponca City I couldn't attend but I've heard great stories from the event. Thanks to the following event sponsors for their support and belief in Young Democrats:

  • Democratic Leader Rep. Jari Askins
  • Senator Bernest Cain
  • George Krumme
  • Governor Brad Henry
  • L.L. James Printing
  • Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth
  • Daniela Newville
  • Ken Nance
  • State Treasurer Scott Meacham
  • Rep. R.C. Pruett
  • Rep. Joe Dorman
  • Rep. Ryan McMullen
  • Rep. John Auffet
  • DNC National Committeewoman Betty McElderry
  • Speaker Larry Adair (retired)
  • Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairwoman Lisa Pryor
  • Candidate for State Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields
  • Candidate for Lt. Governor Pete Regan
  • Candidate for State Senate Andrew Rice
  • The Chickasaw Nation

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Andy Mahbubani said...

I was at the YD Fundraiser last night and it was great! We had lots of elected officials and lots of fun. Governor George Nigh spoke and gave us some great tips and pointers about how to be better Young Democrats, to keep involved, and not to be discouraged to run for office at a young age. Speaking of Young Officeholders, Rep Ryan McMullen was there as well, and he is currently one of the youngest memebers of the house and he is the Democratic Caucus Chair. He also gave us some great tips. Jim Roth, Betty McElderry, Lloyd Fields and many other officeholders and officeseekers attended. Overall, it was a great time, and to all of you YD's who didnt show up....there's alot more coming. Alisa Cole, Matt Harney, Kathy North and Jenna Kennedy did a great job setting all of this up...and the Young Democrats finally have some life pumped back into them, thanks to this great officer team!!