Saturday, June 24, 2006

Synar BBQ

The crowd at the Mike Synar Memorial BBQ today at Rogers Point Park north of Catoosa was treated to great music (the little girl who sang Jesus Loves Me was adorable and the big girl who is Miss Grand Lake performed a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner), a slight breeze, good BBQ (especially those hot links), cold soft drinks and great political speeches! (No not from a stump but from a trailer decked out in red, white, and blue bunting . . . so does that make them stump speeches or trailer speeches?)

Thanks first of all to Larry and Jan Adair and Freida Wilcox and all of their volunteers for putting on an old-fashioned political rally. . . . the temperature and BBQ were not the only thing hot there today. . . . with local, county, district, and statewide candidates all gripping and grinning the political season is obviously heating up.

2nd District Congressman Dan Boren was the keynote speaker and a crowd favorite.

Governor Brad and First Lady Kim Henry took the "stage" and the Governor made a personal plea for votes from all attending the event. It was clear that he has the support of these Democrats and for good reason - take a look at his record! This Governor has made great progress for the state of Oklahoma and he deserves four more years.

State Treasurer Scott Meacham took to the stage and let the folks know that their money is in good hands with him. . . .the treasurer may be a first-time campaigner but he knows his way around finances and has done some amazing things with our money -- he deserves a full term as state treasurer. Meacham's wife Susan and son Evan were campaigning with him today.

Leah Henry was there also, campaigning for her dad, Brad Henry.

State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland was joined at the event by her husband Jim East and son J.R. Kim is doing a fantastic job at the Insurance Department. . . . so --- you haven't heard about it recently --- that's a good thing! She has restored integrity to that office and has a very high standard of accountability and responsibility toward Oklahoma's consumers.

Cody Graves, former Corporation Commissioner, was there with his son Ben seeking another chance to protect Oklahoma consumers from the commission office. You should hear him talk about Bob Anthony . . . hey, have you seen any Anthony's stores recently? Nope. Well, there's a reason, just ask Cody, he has the details.

Lt. Governor candidate Pete Regan and his Yellow Dog Democrat wife Amy (in Democrat circles that's a real compliment) were accompanied by Pete's campaign chair --- former Governor George Nigh. Pete always introduces Amy as a Yellow Dog Democrat; they met at a Young Democrats meeting at UCO and have been working to elect Democrats ever since.

Some of the candidates were held up in a single lane traffic jam on the turnpike west of Tulsa and arrived a little later than expected and a few of them made a detour in Bristow to the Little Deep Fork Democrats Club Rally and Chili Cookoff.

Lt. Governor candidate Jari Askins was making the rounds of all the events today, she arrived in a helicopter! And her campaign kept the cold bottled water coming to participants --- thanks Jari for that; I saw more than a couple of folks feeling the heat and the H2O really helped.

Lt. Governor candidate Cal Hobson was one of those who took a short detour in Bristow so was represented by his wife Elaine on stage but he arrived in time to shake hands and ask for those precious votes.

Lori McMahan represented her husband State Auditor Jeff McMahan at the event. Lori is a 5th grade teacher --- we need more public servants like Jeff and Lori --- part of the Good Government Gang, they are great Democrats --- give Jeff four more years as an auditor with experience in state government (not partisan politics ie that balding guy who's running around the state running his mouth making up stuff about good people).

There was a pretty nice group from the 3rd District there today too . . . Mack Miller, Anita Norman, and Charlie and Juanita King. Charlie was a former chairman of the 2nd District before Keating redrew all the maps and messed up the state.

Tulsa County chair Patty Basnett was there as was Jason McIntosh. Jason was there with House candidate Steve Gallo.

It was nice to see folks from the southern end of the district there also (that's you Cerita!!!!) Rogers County, Mayes County and Adair County were well represented as was Cherokee County and Muskogee County (hi Isabel Baker!).

House candidates Kenny Weast and Chuck Hoskin were there looking for votes and support. These guys are running against each other in the primary; I didn't see the third candidate Henry Flanders but he may have been there.

Sean Burrage was there with his family.

Notice the trend here. . . . .Democrats in public with their families . . . . .Democrats with family values . . . . .Democrats who value their families . . . . .

Today was one of the first of many, many "speakings" scheduled throughout the summer. Be sure to check our ODP calendar often for an event coming near you. Our staff is eager to meet you this summer and to work with you to elect our great Democrats.

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