Thursday, June 29, 2006


This letter to the editor from Kay County Democratic Party Chair Bret Carter was published in the Ponca City News yesterday.

Letter to the Editor- Be a Democrat

While Americans worry about the costs of college tuition and health care, and while many Americans and Oklahomans worry about just their getting family through every day when working for minimum wage, the Bush Republicans have turned a blind eye to the real issues affecting everyone. We can do better, and Democrats are leading the way.

While health care costs have risen 41 percent since 2000, making it unaffordable for many working families, children, and elderly, the Bush Republicans have insured record profits for pharmaceutical manufacturers. We can do better, and Democrats are leading the way. Democrats will address the affordability of health care by fixing the Republican prescription drug program and making insurance more affordable for both employees and employers.

While college costs soared, making a college degree impossible for children wanting to live the American Dream, the Bush Republicans have slashed federal financial aid for college students. In Oklahoma alone, tuition has increased by 71 percent , into including books, housing, and food. We can do better, and Democrats are leading the way. Democrats have a plan to make college more affordable for Oklahomans by making college tuition deductible, expanding Pell Grants and lowering the cost of student loans.

The economy that Bush Republicans have created is not working for Oklahoma families. Since 2000, 27000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in Oklahoma, and 69000 people are looking for a job. The minimum wage is at the lowest level in 50 years (when evaluated against the costs of living), so the theory that lower wages create jobs has been proven tragically wrong, and has cast many families into a position where every day they awaken wondering if they can feed their family and praying that no one gets sick. We can do better, and Democrats are leading the way. Democrats are fighting to repeal the tax giveaways that move jobs overseas, to restore the fiscal discipline of the 1990s, and to increase the minimum wage to $7.25. The minimum wage change alone would benefit 183,000 hardworking Oklahomans.

It is time for Americans and Oklahomans to wake up, to get involved, and to push our elected officials — who are supposed to answer to us — to do what we need done! Democrats will work to restore the dignity of our elderly, the opportunities of our youth, and the stability of American's middle class — all of which are being destroyed by Bush Republicans.

I believe that registering as a Democrat and being an active Democrat and being sure to let our elected officials know what we want is the path to returning Oklahoma and America to the true Democracy it was designed to be! Get active today!

Bret Carter


Kay County

Democratic Party

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