Monday, June 19, 2006

Three for One in Twenty-Six

Three Democrats are vying for the Democratic nomination in Senate District 26 being vacated by long-time Senator Gilmer Capps who is term-limited after 35 years of service. I grew up out in this district so have long considered Capps "my senator" so I have a special interest in who will replace him. The primary election is July 25th.

The candidates include Tom Ivester, Larry Peck and Wayne Walters. Each bring unique qualifications to the race. Each candidate has strong ties to the agriculture community. Ivester is an attorney and a veteran. Peck is an ag teacher and magazine publisher from Sentinel. Walters is a businessman and educator from Canute. Check out their campaign websites, listen to them on your doorstep, and report back here which candidate is your favorite and why.

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Kiowa County Vet said...

Senate District 26 has a three man race in the Democratic primary. As far as I know, all three are honorable men but Tom Ivester from Sayre has already demonstrated that he is willing to serve his country. He spent a year in Afghanistan with the Special Forces. I think we need to elect some people that know first hand what war is really like. He is currently training with his reserve unit which is taking him away from his campaign.