Monday, June 26, 2006

Today's Talking Points

Key Point: Bush Republicans launched hollow political attacks when Democrats offered a real plan for the future in Iraq. But that was last week. Democrats, Iraqis, and General Casey all have concluded that the mission in Iraq must transition and success requires beginning the phased redeployment of US troops. Bush Republicans stand for no plan and no end, and they stand alone.


Bush Republicans stand for nothing in Iraq but failed policies and staying forever. They won't even oppose amnesty for terrorists who kill American soldiers.

The America people want accountability, they want oversight, and they want a real plan for Iraq.

Military leaders and Democrats are on the same page -- that success in Iraq requires transitioning the mission and beginning the phased redeployment of US troops.

Bush Republicans have no strategy for Iraq except slogans. In the fourth year of the war, it is time for a change.

Flag Burning

At the gas station, at the pharmacy, and at the grocery store every day, Americans face real challenges. In Washington, Bush Republicans aren't paying attention.

Bush Republicans are against raising the minimum wage, they don't think energy independence is a priority, and instead of making college more affordable they want to tackle flag burning.

Democrats believe the first priorities of Congress should be the first priorities of the American people. Bush Republicans are out of touch, and it's time for a new direction.

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Lisa Pryor said...

Today the Associated Press reported:

WASHINGTON -- A constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration died in a Senate cliffhanger Tuesday, a single vote short of the support needed to send it to the states for ratification and four months before voters elect a new Congress.

The 66-34 tally in favor of the amendment was one less than the two-thirds required. Oklahoma Republicans Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn voted for the amendment.