Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hancock Exposes Hiett's "Get Lost Little Children" Values

"Since Hiett has opened this door of being such a good Christian, one has to ask what has he done for the least of these?"

is the headline on page G2 of today's Tulsa World. The quote is from Ken Hancock's letter to the editor that questions Hiett's latest political commercial that alleges "souls will be saved" if he's elected. Hancock is it below:

"The latest political commercial by Todd Hiett is geared to get the Christian vote. It points to what a great Christian he is by all the works that he has done. Christians know that not every one that says "Lord, Lord" is an actual Christian. By giving land to a church or helping to pass stronger anti-abortion legislation or being against gay marriage does not make one a Christian. Works do not get one into heaven.

Since Hiett has opened this door of being such a good Christian, one has to ask what has he done for the least of these? Let's see, he wants to give large tax breaks to the most wealthy when he knows that the state has one of the highest levels of children living in poverty who go to bed hungry and without health care. He knows that we do not have adequate care for the mentally ill in the state. He knows that we have an educational system that is underfunded to which all the poor children will have to go.

It is so easy to fight for the unborn in the name of Jesus, but it is sometimes very difficult to take care of the little children who are already here. Suffer the little children to come to me is what Jesus said. Hiett seems to be saying to these little children to get lost.

People were first called Christians because they acted like Christ. Can we really lay that title on Mr. Hiett?"


Senior Sooner said...

Good thoughts about these out-of-control right wingers. They are caught up in religion for the sake of power. Democrats show their faith through their policies and good work.

TheFuture said...

One thing that we Democrats must remember is that the "values" espoused by Republicans revolve entirely around sex--abortion, birth control, nude images on television, homosexuality, etc. That's it. I truly don't understand how so many people can be made afraid of something that's been around for millions of years. Then again, if you believe the world is 6000 years old, you're likely to believe almost anything.

Looking at it another way, I'm not entirely sure these Republicans have ever read the Bible. It's as if they read Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and then skip right to Revelation, leaving out all the liberal propaganda like the Sermon on the Mount and other hippie commie ideas. If we could only go back to the good old days of stoning while we wait for the rapture this great state of ours would be a much better place. Souls will be saved. Amen.