Monday, June 12, 2006

Last week Courney Ruark and I met a fantastic group of democrats in Alfalfa County. John Herold contacted us and we held a county training and it was a lot of fun. I was able to tell them about the Voter Activation Network and they were excited to get on and start contacting other democrats in their area. Courtney stressed the fact that every vote counts. She even showed how 10 more votes per precinct in 2004 would have helped the democrats take control again. Ann Murrow runs a great group up there. They have monthly meetings and are always looking for more great democrats to attend.
One of the events they are planning is July 14. They are having a Watermelon Feed at the Carmen Park in Alfalfa County. Lisa Pryor will be attending as well as Mike Stake, district attorney candidate,and they are hoping candidates in their district will also be able to attend.
While Courtney and I were driving to Cherokee she was telling me about the Great Salt Plains. She went on field trips there when she was in elementary school and I had never even heard about them. Well, we could not find them. All we saw was a lake. So after the meeting we asked and A.J. Rexroat told us they were going to try to market better because they are so amazing. They told us how to find them and we stopped by on our way out of town. It was absolutely amazing. You can even go out on this mass of white and dig for crystals. I was told it was inevitable to find a crystal every time you go. And if you have not made the trip it is well worth it. You can even stay at the Rexroat's bed and breakfast while you are there. So plan on attending the Watermelon Feed on July 14th and I can tell you how to get to the Great Salt Plains.
Here are some pictures so you understand how amazing it truly is.

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John said...

We had a great time and learned alot. The VAN is an amazing tool and I know that several of us are already using it.
We are really looking forward to meeting Lisa at the Watermelon social in July and invite any Democart to join us in Carmen.