Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Noble County Democrats held a successful barbecue May 25 at the Noble County Fairgrounds in Perry. Over a hundred Democrats (and a few friendly Republicans) dropped by in support of this fundraiser. Rose Ann and I helped out a bit, including donation of the meat, but these folks know what they're doing! They set a great example for other county party organizations.

We have some strong local Democratic candidates in Noble County, and their success in November will help our statewide candidates too. The Central Committee is recruiting more precinct officers to prepare for the fall campaign. They have chairs in eleven of their sixteen precincts, and plan on expanding those teams over the summer.

Congratulations to the Noble County Central Committee and local Democrats for a good project. Keep up the good work!


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Lisa Pryor said...

Ben, Walter, Nina and I are all visiting counties throughout the state in the runup to the elections this fall. If you would like for someone from the ODP to visit your club please contact us at ODP HQ to schedule a visit. Our DNC Partnership staff is also available to come to your county for training precinct leaders and candidates. To schedule a visit from an ODP officer call 405.427.3366.