Monday, June 26, 2006

ODP Chair Expects Primary Campaigns to Focus on Issues

Political campaign rhetoric is heating up as the
calendar nears the primary election day on July
25. With just four weeks to go until the primary
election candidates across the state are turning up
the heat on their efforts to persuade voters that
their experience and leadership is worthy of your
vote, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa
Pryor said today.

Voters deserve the facts about issues and
experience, Pryor said. It's our expectation that all
of our candidates will deliver the facts with integrity
while focusing on the issues and keeping an eye on
the prize of winning elections in November.

There's a lot of talk these days about clean
campaigns and I have confidence that our
candidates will give voters the information they need
to make election decisions based on facts rather
than personal attacks and innuendos, Pryor
said. As party chair I am most interested in
presenting the voters with candidates who run on
their credentials and public record of service.
Candidates who adhere to our party's core values of
respect and responsibility should have no problems
earning votes and the position of nominee.

She said half-truths, deceptions, innuendo and
personal attacks cheapen the democratic process
and cheat the voters of information they need to
make good decisions.

I invite the public to participate in the numerous
candidate forums being hosted throughout the
campaign season. Look the candidates in the eye,
shake their hand and ask them the hard questions,
and wait for their answers --- then you'll know who
will best represent you, she said.

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