Friday, June 16, 2006

By the Numbers

2,500: Number of American Troops Killed in Iraq. [6/15/06]

18,490: Number of American Troops Wounded in Iraq. [DoD Casualty Report, 6/15/06]

38,355: Minimum Number of Iraqis Killed. []

$8.8 Billion: Amount of Iraqi Reconstruction Funds the Military has Failed to Account for, According to the Defense Department's Inspector General. [Boston Globe, 4/6/06]

68: Journalists Killed in Iraq. [Brookings Institution, 6/15/06]

2.2 Million: Active Duty Soldiers and Veterans at Risk of Identity Theft. [Washington Post, 6/11/06]

382: Days Since Vice President Cheney Claimed the Insurgency Was in its "Last Throes". [, 5/30/05]

1,140: Days Since President Bush Declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq. [CNN, 5/2/2003]

37 Million: People Living in Poverty in the United States. [U.S. Census Bureau]

13 Million: Children Living in Poverty in the United States. [U.S. Census Bureau]

$8,375,365,051,008.48: The Public Debt. [Treasury Department, 06/14/2006]

45.8 Million: Americans without Health Insurance. [U.S. Census Bureau]

$16,000: Median Debt of Graduates of Public Colleges. [New York Times, 6/11/06]

$20,000: Median Debt of Graduates of Private Colleges. [New York Times, 6/11/06]

$36 Billion: ExxonMobil's Profits Last Year. [Reuters, 5/31/06]

1: Chief of Staff to the Vice President Indicted. [MSNBC, 6/9/06]

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