Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mr. Bush's Wrong Direction

Want to tell your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and anyone else who will listen just how the Bush Administration and the Republican Majority in Congress have taken the country in the wrong direction for Americans and their families?

Consider this. . .

Rising Health Care Costs

Under the Bush Administration and the Republican Majority in Congress, the cost of family health insurance has risen more than 70%, or an average of $4,500 per family, and 6 million more Americans are uninsured. Meanwhile, the Majority has enacted a confusing and costly prescription drug benefit that prohibits Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices, has cut funding for medical research, and has prohibitied federal funding of a real stem cell research program.

Rising Energy Prices

Gas prices have nearly doubled and exeed $3,00 per gallon in many places, and dependence on foreign oil increased to 60%. Meanwhile, the REpublican Majority has blocked efforts to ban price gouging, rewarded oil and gas companies with billions in new subsidies at a time of record profits, and opposed investments in alternative fuels and energy efficient technology.

Rising Economic Insecurity

Real family income has fallen every year of the Bus Administration, while CEO compensation has soared. Meanwhile, the Majority has blocked any increase in the minimuy wage for 7.5 million workers, while rpoviding billions in corporate tax subsidies that encourage sending jobs overseas.

Rising Deficits and Debt

The Majority has turneda projected $5.6 trillion budget surplus into a $3.2 trillion budget deficit and put us on course to double our national debt to nearly $12 trillion by 2011.

Rising College Costs

Tuition has increased by $2,000 (57%) at public universitites ad by $5,000 (32%) at private universities since the 2000-2001 school year. Meanwhile, the Majority has cut $12 billion from college student aid, increasing the costs of loans; has frozen Pell Grants for higher education; and has failed to extend the college tuition tax deduction.

Rising Retirement Insecurity

The Majority has fought to privatize Social Security, which would have cut benefits for the middle class and added trillions to our debt, and failed to protect workers' pensions while CEOs receive hundred-million dollar retirement packages.

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