Saturday, June 24, 2006


It was good to see friends this morning at the AFL-CIO COPE convention in OKC. Jim Curry and Myrna Burnam are strong, balanced leaders and I sincerely appreciate their efforts on behalf of working Oklahomans. Betty McElderry and I attended the opening ceremony this morning . . . . which by the way includes the Flag Salute and an invocation. I really like the way AFT member Lynn Green "invokes". I just get the idea that someone is listening to his very humble words and gracious admonitions. I was particularly glad to shake hands today with Tim O'Connor, Teresa Hill, Harry Ashbaugh, Ted Metscher, Carl Owen, Jesse Isbell, John Brown, John Gaines, Patty Bessen, Teresa McMillen and many, many others. And I was particularly thankful for the warm welcome afforded me as state party chairman. Thank YOU all for your encouragement! (After Betty and I left a parade of candidates spoke to the convention, seeking endorsements and encouragement for the upcoming elections. Maybe someone will post those endorsements at the appropriate time and place.)

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Lynn Green said...

The following are the candidates who have been endorsed by the Oklahoma State AFL-CIO at their Committee on Political Education (COPE) Convention. [NR=No Recommendation in this race.]

U.S. House
District 1 Alan Gentres

District 2 Dan Boren

District 3 and 4 NR

District 5: Bert Smith

Governor: Brad Henry

Lt. Governor: NR

State Auditor and Inspector: Jeff A. McMahan

Attorney General: Drew Edmonson

State Treasurer: Scott Meacham

Superintendent of Public Education: Sandy Garrett

Commissioner of Labor: NR

Insurance Commissioner: Kim Holland

Corporation Commissioner: Cody Graves

State Senate:
District 2: Sean Burrage
District 4: Kenneth Corn
District 6: J. Paul Gumm
District 8: Roger Ballenger
District 10: Joe Sweeden
Distirct 12: John Mark Young
Distirct 14: Johnnie C. Crutchfield
District 16: NR
District 18: Mary Easley
District 20: NR
District 22: Will Andrews
District 24: Daisy Lawler
District 26: NR
District 28: NR
District 30: NR
District 32: Randy Bass
District 34: James S. Ward
District 36: Dennis Weese
District 38: NR
District 40: NR
District 42: NR
District 44: Debbe Leftwich
District 46: Andrew Rice
District 48: Connie Johnson

State House of Representatives
District 1: Jerry Ellis
District 2: Glen Bud Smithson
District 3: Neil Brannon
District 4: Mike Brown
District 5: NR
District 6: Chuck Hoskins
District 7: Larry Glenn
District 8: Ben Sherrer
District 9: NR
District 10: NR
District 11: NR
District 12: Wade Rousselot
District 13: Jerry McPeak
District 14: Jeff Potts
District 15: NR
District 16: Jerry Shoemake
District 17: NR
District 18: Terry Harrison, Jr.
District 19: R.C. Pruett
District 20: Paul D. Roan
District 21: John Wayne Carey
District 22: Wes Hilliard
District 23: Steve Gallo
District 24: Dale Turner
District 25: NR
District 26: NR
District 27: NR
District 28: Ryan Dean Kiesel
District 29: NR
District 30: NR
District 31: NR
District 32: Danny Morgan
District 33: NR
District 34: NR
District 35: NR
District 36: Scott N. BigHorse
District 37: NR
District 38: NR
District 39: NR
District 40: NR
District 41: Carol Ruth
District 42: NR
District 43: NR
District 44: NR
District 45: Wallace Collins
District 46: Tom Robinson
District 47: NR
District 48: NR
District 49: NR
District 50: Melvin Jones
District 51: Raymond Gene McCarter
District 52: David B. Braddock
District 53: Troy Green
District 54: NR
District 55: Ryan McMullen
District 56: NR
District 57: James E. Covey
District 58: NR
District 59: NR
District 60: Purcy D. Walker
District 61: NR
District 62: Janice Drewry
District 63: NR
District 64: NR
District 65: Joe Dorman
District 66: Lucky Lamons
District 67: NR
District 68: NR
District 69: Cary N. Spocogee
District 70: Mike Workman
District 71: NR
District 72: Darrell Gilbert
District 73: Jabar Shumate
District 74: Wayne Guevara
District 75: NR
District 76: NR
District 77: Eric Proctor
District 78: Jeannie McDaniel
District 79: NR
District 80: NR
District 81: NR
District 82: NR
District 83: Ed Holzberger
District 84: NR
District 85: Jennifer Seal
District 86: John Auffet
District 87: NR
District 88: NR
District 89: Rebecca hamilton
District 90: NR
District 91: NR
District 92: Richard D. Morrissette
District 93: Al Lindley
District 94: Larry W. Gooch
District 95: NR
District 96: NR
District 97: NR
District 98: Rae Weese
District 99: Anastasia Pittman
District 100: NR
District 101: NR

The state executive board will meet to make any new recommendations after the primary. County level races are made by either the local labor federation or the state federation depending on the jurisdiction each has.