Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today's Talking Points

Key Point: After so many years in Iraq, and with so many grim milestones along the way, the Bush Administration's political rhetoric is not an acceptable substitute for a substantive strategy. It is time for a real change and a real plan to make 2006 a year of significant transition.


In the fourth year of the war in Iraq, the White House is still pushing partisan political rhetoric in place of a plan.

Our national security is too important and our troops' sacrifice too great to allow this White House to continue to drift in Iraq without trying to change course.

It is time for a serious and thoughtful discussion about a real plan for our future in Iraq.


After so many mistakes in Iraq, it is clear the Congress must act to prevent the same mistakes from happening with Iran.


America's immigration system is broken, and its collapse is a national security risk. Unfortunately, Bush Republicans are more interested in protecting their party than in solving this crisis.


Big Oil thinks $3 oil is what's best for America, and the Bush Administration thinks Big Oil is what's best for the American people.

The Bush Administration sold out America's energy policies to Big Oil, and now the American people are paying the price at the gas pump.

It is time for a new direction. The Democratic Clean EDGE Act will break the grip of the oil companies and put America on the path to energy independence.

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Aticus88 said...

Here's a short, pithy sound bite regarding Iraq -- from a post Firedoglake.com and the phrase seems to have originated from Rep. Rahm Emanuel.

"Republicans want to sit and watch. That’s the Republican plan. Sit and watch until 2009, but passing the buck won’t get the job done."