Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kay County Summer Celebration

Congratulations to Bret Carter for a very nice event for Kay County Democrats in Ponca City last night.

All three Democratic candidates for 3rd District Congress were there -- from what I could tell they are all familiar with the folks there which means they've been working the district for some time. Since there are three candidates, does that mean that the Republican is three times as bad? I guess we could look at it that way! Thanks to all three of them for pointing out the deficiencies of the Bush Republicans; and yes, that includes the Congressman from the 3rd District. Thanks for putting your name on the ballot - Greg Wilson, Sue Barton and John Coffee Harris.

Sending representatives to the event were Governor Brad Henry, Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, and Attorney General Drew Edmondson.

The three Lt. Governor candidates attended other events last night (I heard Jari Askins and Cal Hobson were both at the Custer County event in Weatherford.) Representing Pete Regan in Ponca City was his brother-in-law Kyle Dean. Yancy York was in town for Jari Askins. Don't forget the Lt. Gov. Candidate forum sponsored by the ODP and moderated by the KGOU news director will be July 6 at Langston University - OKC on North Lincoln Blvd. BTW, there is a fourth Democratic candidate, Jim Rogers, but he has informed me he does not participate in forums and is not attending these kind of fundraisers. He has declined our invitation to participate in the forum.

Candidate for County Commissioner Chuck Webb sat at my table. Good luck Chuck!

It was sure good to see former Senator Paul Muegge, a Profiles in Courage winner. And it was also good to see Scott and Margi Cooper. They live in Stillwater, but Scott works in Ponca City. Margi joined the ODP Yellow Dog Democrats Club last night. Thanks Margi! And I was going to say she was the newest member, but following the meeting Emily Hall signed up as a member. Thanks Emily! And I might add that Emily is our youngest Yellow Dog Democrats Club member.

3rd District vice chair Anita Norman was there inviting Kay County Democrats to participate in the district's retreat in Stillwater in August. I hope they turn the town blue!


Kay Demo Chair said...

Thanks Lisa and Anita Norman for participating in our Kay County "Summer Celebration!" Banquet and Auction! It was great to have the support of our state and district parties there! The group loved Lisa's comments, and really had a good time. Kay County Democrats, with your continued help and support, will be 'relevant' in all the elections this year!
Bret Carter, chair, Kay Co Democratic Party

Kay Demo Chair said...

By the way, will the puppy fit in the basket? We would love a picture if so.