Friday, June 30, 2006

Todays Talking Points

Key Point: The five year record of Bush Republicans is a catalogue of incompetence and misleading, and the American people have paid the price. From Iraq to Katrina, from gas prices to health care costs, from the minimum wage to Medicare part D, it is time for a new direction.

Real Security
The Hamdan decision was a stunning rebuke of the Bush Administration's reckless anti-terror policies. Now it is time for tough AND smart policies to secure America.

We must do everything we can to protect Americans from terrorism and keep terrorists in custody.

As the Supreme Court ruled, we can fight terrorism in a way that is consistent with the Constitution and core American values.

By exceeding his authority, the President has created legal uncertainty that makes America less safe. He needs to work with Congress now to ensure that we have a sound legal process to punish captured terrorists.

Stem Cells
Millions of Americans hold out the hope that stem cell research will provide new cures for diseases. Bush Republicans have made them wait for too long.

There is finally an agreement to move forward on stem cell legislation. The Senate has already waited over a year to act. The American people expect it will not wait three more months.

The Republican leadership should take up this legislation in July so that the wait can end for millions of Americans.

Five years of Bush Republican incompetence has left America's borders unsecured and our immigration system broken.

It is time for tough, comprehensive immigration reform to secure the borders and enforce our laws.

Democrats have announced they are ready to move forward-the ball is in the Republican court.

President Bush told the American people he supports comprehensive immigration reform. Now he must tell Republicans in Congress to stop obstructing it.

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