Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Everyone is working to elect Democrats

Today Jason McCarty is headed to Stroud and Lisa Pryor is on her way to Ponca City. These trips are not made in vain they are trying to elect Democrats. In fact, the whole state is running around crazy and this office is not any different. Courtney Ruark, Teresa Hill, and I have been to many different places in the last week promoting The Democratic Party. The office is buzzing with candidates and voters calling to ask questions.

One of the ways I found to calm down a little bit is to bring Franchesca to work with me. She is my Bichon Frise and is two months old. She is the sweetest little thing and she reminds us to also have fun when we are working.

One thing that I love is people now look for her. There is not a time Connie Dodson (candidate in house district 23) does not stop by on her way upstairs to talk to Matt to ask if Franchesca is here! She puts a smile on my face and everyone who walks in our office. I just wish she could come to work with me more often.

Here is a picture of Franchesca hard at work for Democrats!

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darrell said...

it must be nice having such a cute little girl working with you