Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mayes County Democrats Celebrate Flag Day

Good Democrats from Mayes County gathered at the American Legion in Pryor yesterday to celebrate Flag Day and hear Attorney General Drew Edmondson and host of other statewide and local candidates. Edmondson is not only the best AG in the country he's an inspirational speaker. I particularly liked his story about being confirmed into his church at age 12. Seems he was given a Bible that had the words of Jesus in red. Now, he said, I paid a lot more attention to those words. In fact, he took them to heart and has lived his life accordingly since then......difference between him and others is he doesn't buy zillions of dollars of tv commercials to tell everybody what a great Christian he is.....he quietly lives out his faith....taking care of the "least of these" and being a good steward of our fact he said as long as he's AG he will fight to protect the water of NE Oklahoma from out of state corporate polluters because it's the right thing to do.

Rep. Jari Askins and Pete Regan both asked for votes. I really liked what Jari said about the difference in philosophy between her and a Republican....when it comes to funding nutrition centers for our state's senior citizens, the Republicans believe that's "pork barrel" and she frankly knows that nutrition centers in rural areas is more like basic "pork n beans" for seniors who need these centers for nutrition assistance. Fighting for seniors is a priority for Jari.

And I like how Pete asks voters for campaign contributions...."I have all the money I need for this campaign, the problem is that some of it is still in your pocket," he says.....One of the side benefits of these campaign events is meeting the great young Democrats who travel with the candidates....they significantly lower the average age of attendees at these events and hold great promise for the future of our state.

Senator Frank Shurden and former Representative Lloyd Fields were both in Pryor stumping for the opportunity to put Brenda Reneau out of business. Fields has visited more than 70 of the 77 counties in the state since announcing his candidates for State Labor Commissioner. Shurden has served the state for the better part of three decades. Whoever wins this primary undoubtedly will be the one to stand up for our state's workers for the next four years so make sure you shake hands with both of these guys.

Former Corporation Commissioner Cody Graves, who is seeking to oust Bob Anthony, made an eloquent speech to the crowd. He IS the Democratic nominee in this important race. Graves said a lot of folks don't know much about the Corporation Commission, but they should understand that if you ever turn on a light or put gas in your car, you are impacted by the work of the Commission. Don't forget Cody Graves! He will be a strong and truthful leader at the Commission.

Rep. Ben Sherrer was emcee for the event. He's doing such a great job up there in Mayes County he did not draw an opponent so will return to the state capitol next year.

Senator Mary Easley spoke about faith, family, and the flag. She paid special tribute to our soldiers and veterans. And, she asked for four more years! And asking for the opportunity the serve in the State Senate was Sean Burrage who is running to replace term-limited Senator Stratton Taylor is District 2. Burrage is a bright young attorney with fabulous Democratic credentials....his sons are named Truman and Carter! Kidding aside, he is a rising star and Oklahoma needs him in the State Senate. Our party needs him in the State Senate.

Chuck Hoskin
and Kenny Weast are vying for a House seat being vacated by Joe Eddins. Hoskin is a long-time school administrator and has legislative service with the Cherokee Nation. Weast is an energetic young businessman and mayor of Chelsea. This is another one of those races where I wish we had two spots open so we could put both of them up for office.

Speaking of the House, former House Speaker Larry Adair and his wife Jan were there. He now serves as Congressional District 2 Chairman for the ODP. CD2 vicechair Freda Wilcox was also there. They are hosting the Mike Synar BBQ in Claremore next Saturday and they are expecting about 200 people.

Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland
wasn't there but she did send representatives. I go to a lot of these events, and I've seen Holland at nearly every one. No one can doubt her willingness to work or to proclaim that she is a Democrat. She is a consummate professional and a great campaigner. I hope you'll have the opportunity to hear her this summer; if not, check out her credentials at

Thanks to Mayes County Democratic Party Chairman Roger Johnson for another great Mayes County Flag Day celebration. Special thanks also to these event sponsors: Oscar and Amy Sparks, George Jolly, Jack Spurlock, Darrell Moore, Blaine Jones, Sanders & Sandra Mitchell, Jim Bob Hindrickson, Charles and Joybelle Curtsinger, Bill Lingren, Kenny Weast, Chuck Hoskin, John Wilkerson, Kevin Whiteside, and Alva Martin.

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