Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bush Republicans Pander to Their Base

Over the last 24 hours, Congressional Republicans have made very clear their real agenda for the American people. Congressional Republicans are running away from tough decisions and instead are desperately pandering to their base to improve their political standing in November. After refusing to raise the minimum wage after nearly a decade, Senate Republicans again thwarted efforts to raise the economic standing of millions of Americans who live below or near the poverty line. In the last 24 hours, House Republicans also abandoned efforts to renew the Voting Rights Act, even after many of them embraced the extension less than a month ago on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Let's be clear, in 24 hours we saw everything we need to know about the real Republican agenda and just how out of step they are with America's values. Republicans in Washington have resorted to partisan political games to deny an increase in the minimum wage that would have directly helped millions of hard working American families. Congressional Republicans have no real agenda or ideas to offer America. Now they are holding the Voting Rights Act hostage, refusing to ensure the right to vote and have that vote counted for every American, so that they can pander to the extremists in their party. This Republican agenda of desperate political tricks represents a real threat to America's values. Democrats offer America a new direction.

P.S. I like panda bears and I loathe pandering politicians. If the Republicans have their way, Democrats, like the magnificent panda bear, will be an endangered species. No more pandering!

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