Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Filing Day Two update

Senator Cal Hobson filed for Lt. Governor shortly after I left the capitol this morning. His candidacy brings the number of Democrats to 3 who are vying for the open seat that certainly comes into play with the Senate in 2007. Same number on the R side. One thing for certain, everyone has an opinion about these six candidates. What's yours?

Democrat Sean Burrage will face off with one of four Republicans who have filed for the nomination in SD 2. Burrage, at 38 is the youngest of the five candidates but has already made a name for himself as smart, savvy and gracious. Sean filed on Monday with his wife and two children along for support.

Rep. Joe Sweeden filed today to fill the term-limited seat of Senator J. Berry Harrison. I visited Osage County in the fall. While he had not yet announced Sweeden was campaigning with enthusiasm that I'm certain will carry through this Senate campaign.

John Sparks filed today as a Democrat to fill the vacancy in SD 16 being created by term limits in Norman. Sparks joins two other Democrats, Derrick Ott and Tim Emrich in a battle to fill the seat of Cal Hobson. I visited with Ott yesterday at the capitol and saw Sparks in the capitol parking lot today. A voter in the district told me she received a magnet with the Sooners football schedule on it this week; said this piece of campaign mail was going on her frig; compliments of Tim Emrich. All three have a "plethora" of signs throughout the district.

Senator Mary Easley filed today seeking another term in SD 18. She was hosting a town hall meeting in the district today also.

Will Andrews filed today to challenge incumbent Mike Johnson. Andrews had earlier announced he would run for the House but determined that challenging a Republican seat in the Senate was where he wanted to be. Good luck Will!

Sentinel Ag teacher Larry Peck and Sayre attorney Tom Ivester filed for Senator Gilmer Capps' seat in western Oklahoma. They joined Wayne Walters, a Canute businessman and farmer, in a three-way race for the Democratic nomination. I grew up in that district and have known Peck and Walters for a number of years. I met Ivester recently. This is one of the races where you better shake hands with all three because one of them will be the next senator in district 26. All good people. All have strong ties to the communities they live in and serve.

Josh Woods filed against Mike Schulz in SD 38 today. Keep your eye on this western Oklahoma district and Woods. He announced plans to run for this seat last summer. His plans didn't change when the seat opened early after the death of Senator Robert Kerr. He sat out the special election in May, but has his eye on November.

Today Andrew Rice joined two other Democrats in seeking the nomination for SD 46 where Senator Bernest Cain is term-limited. Rhonda Rudd and Drew Dugan filed yesterday. I don't know why but two Republicans have also filed in this district. I've seen all three Dems out working this one and I expect a strong showing by the Dems in 46. Question is, which one will voters choose in July?

Rep. Wade Rousselot, Wagoner, filed today for HD 12. I'll be going to Wagoner next week for a Legislative Appreciation Dinner. I've been up there a couple of times already and they do appreciate their legislators up there! And for good reason.

Brian McLaughlin who filed this morning joined Gary Updyke and Ed Cannaday making it a three-way primary in HD 15. I heard there may be a fourth candidate there -- we'll see tomorrow.

Two Democrats will challenge Sue Tibbs for her Tulsa seat. Steve Gallo filed yesterday and Connie Dodson filed today. Both attended a candidate training sponsored by the House PAC yesterday held at the ODP. Either one will serve the district better than Tibbs.

Two Dems filed today for HD 36 where Rep. Joe Sweeden is leaving to run for the Senate. Either Scott Big Horse or Jack Rankin will give the Repub a good run and help hold that seat for Dems.

Democrat Doyle Lewis filed today to unseat an Enid Republican in HD 40.

Folks in Norman are watching with keen interest as the field of candidates to unseat Thad Balkman inb HD 45 develops. Wallace Collins filed yesterday followed by Estelle Cash today. We hear two others will file making it a possible four man race; only thing is it would be two men and two women in the primary!

Also Troy Green, Norman, filed against the grandstander Randy Terrill. Troy is solid and he's been a valuable volunteer at the ODP.

Al McAffrey joined Casey Davis on Tuesday in the Democratic primary for HD 88. We expect to see Nathan Powell file on Wednesday making that one a three way primary for a seat held for years by now term-limited Debbie Blackburn.

Tuesday's filings also included Charles Gass for HD 100.

Tomorrow is the last day of filing for the November 2006 elections. I expect we'll see more activity than on Tuesday.

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