Friday, June 16, 2006

Lisa, Ben and I attended a sellout Legislative Appreciation Dinner in Wagoner Thursday night. The big talk was the agreement hammered out earlier that day on the state budget. Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan, House Leader Jari Askins and House Caucus Chair Danny Morgan were present, looking like they'd just won the lottery. Brad and Kim Henry highlighted the event, along with Sandy Garrett and lots of candidates. The Wagoner County Party put on another great event, and they should have a strong Democratic turnout in November.

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Lisa Pryor said...

The event was the Annual Legislators' Appreciation Dinner and those Wagoner County Democrats are very proud of Senator Mary Easley, Senator Earl Garrison, Representative Jerry McPeak and Representative Wade Rousselot.

County chair Sam Homan and vicechair Harriette McCollough put on a great event and have promised to do everything they can to elect Democrats in record numbers this year.