Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why These Elections Are So Important

You hear it everywhere, from Democrats and Republicans, "this is the most important election in your lifetime". I say every election is important -- the election for school board, junior high student council, your neighborhood association and PTA board, your church board, the state house, county courthouse, Congress and the White House. Of course it is important, but why? Who cares?

Illinois Senator Barak Obama puts it this way:
These elections will determine who controls Congress and whether the priorities we share are addressed in Congress or whether we continue to fall farther and farther behind. Will we finally address the health care crisis in this country? Will we finally declare ourselves independent of Middle East oil? Or will we have the same old policies that favor the special interests?

And in Oklahoma, these elections will determine who controls the State Senate and whether the priorities we share are addressed in the State Legislature as we move into our centennial year. It determines whether Oklahoma children will have access to the best public education and health care. It determines if our working families will have jobs that support their families; it determines if we raise the minimum wage. It's about PEOPLE and PRIORITIES. Which will it be? A generous, open-minded approach from the Democrats, or something else from the Greedy Old Party?

How about you? Why are the 2006 elections important to YOU?

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