Thursday, June 29, 2006


This is a letter that was send to me by a very nice and kind lady in Oklahoma, Miss Awnalee

In the November election of 2000, 22 million unmarried women who were eligible chose not to vote! Since then, life in our USA for the majority of the people has gone from hopeful to hopeless.

Almost everything costs more and wages have not increased at the same rate. Many have lost their jobs because companies get tax breaks when they take jobs out of our USA. Each time one powerful corporation or one wealthy person gets another tax cut, thousands upon thousands of middle income and low income people suffer.

Many public education and health care programs ate being eliminated due to lack of funding. Oklahoma roads and bridges are falling apart and low income widows are being evicted because there is no money to pay the electric bill.

Studies indicate that Oklahoma has the most hungry children in America. Oklahoma is also dead last in vaccinations against childhood diseases.

The religious community can neither finance nor provide all the care our people need. Research indicates something we already knew, the most wealthy give the least to charity. So don't count on charitable organizations; their bank accounts are also suffering. All bullies have one thing in common. They want those they abuse to believe they are helpless to stop the harassment and improve their lives. This is not true. Together, we women can make a positive difference in our state and our nation!

These bullies have not yet taken away one of our most important freedoms. We can still V-O-T-E. Except for about three different faiths that do not participate in this process and the women serving time in our prisons, the remainder of us have no good excuse for not voting.

There are three different voter registration forms. One is for regular applicants. Another is for those who are not available to vote on election day. And yet another is for those who are disabled to the extent that they can not travel to their precinct’s voting location.

There are brief periods of time that you can not register to vote or change from one political party to another. If you are not registered to vote, please do so at your earliest convenience. Voter registration forms are available at the post office, public library, motor vehicle office, and many other state and federal offices.

To become a well informed voter - read, listen, and think. Do not rely on one television or radio station or one newspaper. You man receive only one political viewpoint. Read! Visit your public library. Learn about the different political parties. Know which one supports the people and which one supports the powerful corporations and the wealthy.

I hope you will choose to take these first steps toward helping make our neighborhood, our city, our county, our state, and our nation a better place for all THE PEOPLE OF our USA!
-Miss Awnalee

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