Monday, June 26, 2006

In a word: From Honest to Incompetent

Bush's personal image has weakened noticeably, which is reflected in people's one-word descriptions of the president. Honesty had been the single trait most closely associated with Bush, but in a March survey "incompetent" is the descriptor used most frequently.

Incompetent leadership leads to incompetent government.

In the July/August 2006 edition of Washington Monthly Alan Wolfe asserts that "Contemporary conservativism is a walking contradiction. Unable to shrink government but unwilling to improve it, conservatives attempt to split the difference, expanding government for political gain, but always in ways that validate their disregard for the very thing they are expanding. The end result is not just bigger government, but more incompetent government.

What's your one-word description for the president?


Chris Bryant said...

Maybe Hubris?I'm not sure incompetent is quite the right word;though I wouldn't rule it out.
Seems to me the key here is an unwillingness to admit mistakes.
Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant said...

I'm not sure that Wolfe is entirely accurate about conservatism but he's on target in most ways.Seems to me the key is that people really don't like conservatism as much as they think they do;conservative theory clashes with the reality of politics.In order to win elections they have to sell out some of their ideals.It's easy to cut taxes;Americans love lower taxes but it's a lot harder to cut government programs.If conservatives really fought for everything they believe in they'd lose elections.They love to grandstand,as with the recent gay marriage bill.They knew it had no chance to pass but it was an issue on which their view was fairly popular so they could put Democrats on the spot.They don't generally fight very hard against abortion because they know they can't win on that question.