Friday, October 06, 2006

Oklahomans Trust Kim Holland

Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe, but we’re about 30 days from the election. Of course, we’re working harder than ever to get our message of reform and integrity to Oklahoma voters. In the past few days, I’ve traveled more than a thousand miles to talk to voters in their communities; I’ve been to Altus, Perry, Ponca City, Enid, Sentinel, and Guthrie, among others.

Despite my best efforts, there’s no way I can shake the hand of every one of the several hundred thousand voters and personally ask for their vote before November 7. That’s where I need your help.

Nothing is more important than one-to-one contact. More than any commercials on TV, it makes a difference if you call your friends and neighbors to tell them why you support me in this race. They may not know anything about this office, and it’s critical that they hear my message before they go to the polls.

Another way to help is to send a card or email to each of your Oklahoma friends on your holiday list. Please remind them about the election on November 7 and their chance to vote for Kim Holland for Insurance Commissioner. Please copy the campaign at:

Your friends and neighbors need to know that I’m cleaning up the Insurance Department, imposing tough new ethical standards after a full independent audit. They need to know that I’ve recovered more than $25 million through anti-fraud and enforcement efforts, and I’m just getting started!

Another way to remind people that there is a race for Insurance Commissioner and that you’re voting for me is by putting up a yard sign. It’s fun for me to see such visible support for my campaign and our message. If you’d like a yard sign, please contact Alex at the campaign – – and he’ll get one to you.

Everywhere I go I am reminded how much Oklahomans value good government. Thank you for your continued support.


Kim Holland

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