Sunday, October 22, 2006

Today's Oklahoman Op Ed

For those of you who read the Oklahoman, catch today's op ed columns from the two state party chairs. I think you'll find the contrast is striking. While I wrote about what Democrats stand for and have delivered for Oklahomans, the Republican piece was based on deceit, distortion, division, and their old standby of smear and fear. GOP chair Tom Daxon repeated the same old tired rhetoric that Republicans always use disregarding the facts.

I wasn't surprised at what Daxon wrote, I've read their tall tales many times. GOP ideas don't work for America and they aren't working in Oklahoma. So they just recycle the same old buzzwords, story lines, and fear tactics (lies) they've been using for decades.

What a surprise, one of the Republicans' favorite tactics is to blame lawyers. And Daxon did it again today. I know that facts are confusing to many Republicans but note this: lawyers don't control the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Democrats do.

The name it, claim it, blame it game practiced by the GOP is not leadership.

Anyone who is paying attention can see that the progress made in Oklahoma over the last four years is due to the strong, sensible, and honest leadership of the Senate Democrats and Democratic Governor Brad Henry working with the House of Representatives. Even more could have been done for the good people of Oklahoma but for the Republican bullies in the House.

The GOP leadership is so narrowly focused on its thirst for power and far right ideology that it has failed to truly serve the citizens. They want to take credit for progress made in our state while conveniently forgetting that none of that progress would have occurred without the leadership of Democrats in the Senate and the authority of Governor Brad Henry.

I suppose the Republicans can't help themselves, it seems that there's nothing they won't lie about. Today's fiction by the GOP chair is further evidence that Republican politicians are out of touch with reality and out of the mainstream for Oklahoma.

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