Friday, October 27, 2006

Monopoly, Risk, Sorry, Life, Clue

Board games are great metaphors for every day life. We have a stack of them in our closet and when the kids come home to visit they often pull then out for some family fun.

A recent tv commercial by struggling GOP Lt. Gov. candidate Hiett features Democrat Jari Askins as a playing piece on a Monopoly board. If I had the money I'd do a commercial that shows Oklahomans can't afford the Risk of electing Hiett; that Life under Hiett would be Sorry and that voters with any Clue will vote for Askins on November 7th.

Then again, we could mention how many times Hiett passed Go in his Trivial Pursuit for power and collected $200 during the last legislative session for a legislative race that he was ineligible for then traded those dollars in for his Lt. Gov. race. Now, that's monopoly and someone got played. Get the Chutes and Ladders ready.

But hey, politics is not a board game and we don't live in Candy Land. It's real Life made possible by policies that matter and priorities that serve and protect the people. At least, those are the rules outlined by our Constitution.

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