Friday, October 27, 2006

Ken Luttrell, Candidate for HD-37, Is Making Democrats Proud

A note from Kay County Democratic Party Chair Bret Carter...

This morning was the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce forum for state house seat 37 candidates. Our guy -- Ken Luttrell -- did a fantastic job! He was well armed with facts and data, and spoke wonderfully without showing the signs of arrogance that his opponent displayed. He even was able to shoot down what his opponent was going to say in response to several questions before his opponent even had a chance to talk! And Ken did this while still showing that he will be a fighter for the people of Ponca City and there rest of his district instead of a puppet of a few that his opponent would be.

In addition, his opponent really bombed on a couple of high-priority questions - regarding health care insurance and the minimum wage. The fact that he is out of touch with the working middle class and the retired was painfully clear to me, and you could feel the negative reaction in the audience to both his answers, even packed as it was with people I recognized as ardent Republicans.

Clearly, Ken Luttrell will do a great job for us in Oklahoma City. When you talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about the upcoming election, be sure to speak highly of Ken Luttrell - just as I know you will do for the other Democratic candidates on the ticket in Kay County.

As usual, one of the best comments I heard came from an audience member who said "Why shouldn't we vote for Stan? He was good enough for four different women to marry!" Hum....

Ken, you are doing a great job!

I also heard that the forum in Kaw City last night where our candidates Ken, State Senate candidate Joe Sweeden, County Treasurer candidate Christy Kennedy, and county commissioner candidate Robert Howard spoke went fantastic for our candidates. There was a great turnout to hear the message of all these competent, caring, and qualified candidates. Good job all!

It is so clear to me as I hope it is to you that DEMOCRATS this year, as always, have a great slate of candidates who care deeply about doing what is right for ALL Oklahomans. Please spread the word! These guys will do a great job FOR us in Newkirk and in Oklahoma City, instead of doing bad things TO us!

--Bret Carter, chairman, Kay County Democratic Party

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West Five said...

I wanted to respond to this post for several reasons. But the primary reason was the comment that Ken would not be a puppet and do what is right for the people. My comment to that is only if they are living in fancy rich houses!
I owned a home on E. Albany here in Ponca City. It is a very nice area with some very nice homes. But for my family and I the house was becoming too small, so we bought another house over on E. Central. I had recieved one of Ken's flyers taped to my door. I had contact with him prior to this so had wanted to really give him a chance when I go vote.
But we finally moved recently to the new house which is a bit of a fixer upper. But not hideous on the exterior at all. This past weekend I saw Ken's little PT Cruiser coming down the street and slow down in front of the house. I could not be seen from where I was standing. I wanted to ask a few questions on his position of a few issues and get a better feel for him. The car picked up speed and went tot he next house where he got out and went up to the door. And he went on walking down the street. This I thought was odd, and thought well maybe they thought no one lives here even though there was my car in the drive. So I decided to sit out on the front stoop and wait for their return since they had to come back by to leave the area. I figured he would stop by, when he saw me sitting out, and actually the opposite is true, they picked up speed and drove past as the female driver looked right at me, I tried to wave but they were going to fast.
I find it strange that some one running for office who is true of heart would be bias regarding how the people he will be representing is living. My home on Albany was fine to hit, but even with me on the front stoop, my house which is not bad on Central was a no go?? He went to every rich looking house on the whole block literally, and that was it. I checked it out and was quited bothered by this. And can say he will not be getting my vote, unless he can explain it. Or try!
It is sad I and everyone in my house are registered voters, my parents and grand parents are, My friends are, and the people I work with are. That is a lot of people for me to inform of this little opinion of Ken. Will it change anything, you never know, if it is a close race maybe. But it appears that the game is the same with Ken, he is playing to the ones that have the moeny to donate or back him in the bank department, so it sure looks like he is already a puppet to me.