Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cody Graves is a dedicated to cleaning up the Corporation Commission

We elected Cody to fix it before and now we need to send him back. It is time for responsibility and accountability from our public officials. Cody will make sure the workings of the Commission are transparent and work for the middle class families of Oklahoma.

His opponent, Bob Anthony, approved a six-figure payment in a utility rate case settlement that include payments to a former aide who worked as a consultant in the case after working on the matter while he was still employed by the commission, e-mails and commission documents reveal. Commission documents and e-mails in the case against Oklahoma Natural Gas Company also reveal that Anthony may have conducted improper, secret negotiations with the plaintiff in the case. Bob Anthony failed to disclose the improper communication with the plaintiff in this case, he knowingly voted to approve a settlement that included paying his one-time aide for work he performed as a state employee.

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