Monday, October 30, 2006

ODP Media Release: There’s Something About Mary; A Weak Spot for Corruption, Perhaps?

Mary Fallin, Republican candidate for Congress, proved today that she is part of what is wrong in Washington by inviting morally corrupt Speaker Dennis Hastert to headline a fundraiser for her in Oklahoma City, the chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party said today.

“Dennis Hastert has overseen the most corrupt Congress in U.S. history. Already several Republican members of the U.S. House have pleaded guilty to some form of corruption, one is already in prison, and the majority leader has been forced to resign,” said Lisa Pryor, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair. “I don’t know what Mary Fallin was thinking when she invited the leader of the morally bankrupt Republican House of Representatives to Oklahoma.”

Dr. David Hunter, Democratic candidate for Congress, held a press conference this morning that questioned Fallin’s judgment. “Mary is a career politician who has shown that she can’t be trusted to do the right thing. She’s proven time and again that she has poor judgment,” Hunter said.

“There has been a massive failure of leadership in Congress under Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert and Mary Fallin showed us today that she will not help take America in the new direction we are clamoring for, but will simply be a rubber stamp for staying the course in Iraq and more cover-ups and corruption,” Pryor said.

“Dr. Hunter has been a physician for 25 years. Everyday, his patients put their lives in his hands,” Pryor said. “Oklahomans in the 5th congressional district can trust Dr. Hunter to work for them and to follow his mantra to ‘first, do no harm,’ ” she said.

“On November 7, Democrats will regain the majority in Congress and Oklahoma will want Dr. Hunter to join Congressman Dan Boren in the majority so that together they will deliver for Oklahoma,” Pryor said.

“Voters have a stark choice to make on Election Day. They can send a career politician with a taste for scandal and corruption to represent them in Washington or they can vote for Dr. David Hunter, a man committed to improving the lives of working families by expanding education opportunities, creating jobs and making health care more accessible and affordable,” Pryor said.

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