Friday, October 27, 2006

General Wes Clark Endorses Dr. David Hunter
Citing “Common Sense Solutions for Oklahoma”

*Immediate Release* Contact: Erick Mullen
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October 27m 2006. Little Rock, AR. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark today endorsed the candidacy of Dr. David Hunter for Congress in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

“Dr. Hunter knows the needs of the people of Oklahoma because his roots are deep. His grandparents came to Oklahoma in a covered wagon in the early 1900s and raised their 8 children here. David grew up in a working class family and played football in high school where his performance on the field earned him an athletic scholarship to the University of Kentucky. David chose medicine as his career and has been serving the people of Oklahoma for 25 years, most recently as Chief of Staff and Surgery at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City.”

“Dr. Hunter understands that our government is going in some wrong directions while ignoring the needs of its people for better jobs, access to quality health care, and better schools for our children so that they can succeed in the 21st century. He understands people’s concerns about the war in Iraq and supports a responsible and definable plan to transfer responsibility to the Iraqis and to bring our troops home. He sees that the government’s spending is out of control and knows what it will already cost all of us, our children, and our grandchildren. It is now Washington that needs healing, which is why David has chosen to run for Congress.”

“In voting for Dr. Hunter, the people of Oklahoma have an opportunity to turn things around now before it’s too late. To change politics-as-usual, we have to vote for someone besides the usual politicians,” said General Clark.

General Wesley K. Clark is a retired four-star general and served as the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe where he commanded NATO forces and directed Operation Allied Force in the Balkans, putting a stop to the ethnic cleansing by the Serbs. More recently, he was drafted in 2003 to seek the Democratic nomination for President. General Clark remains engaged in public policy and private business development. Authoring two books, Waging Modern Wars and Winning Modern Wars, he and his wife, Gert, still live in Little Rock. He can be reached through his website,



Amos said...

I am so sick of the ads that you people are putting out. Don't you realize that America is sick of the he/she did this and he/she did that. I will not vote for any canidate who has a slandering ads because honestly it means that they can't put up an honest, fair, "tell me what you will fight for" campaign. We are not stupid, we know that you pull one little thing out of a bill and slander that canidate and make up think that he did something terrible. We look at the whole picture, not just one item. I am a Republican, BUT, I believe that Gov. Henry has done a great deal for this state and I will vote him in again. My party line can cross for someone I believe will represent my ideas well. Please stop the dumb ads, it really makes you all look bad.

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Thomas said...

Thanks for the info. BTW, don't let the talking heads on TV fool you, there are still plenty of Okies that LOVE good ol' fashioned partisanship...that is why we have parties.

Thinking you can just "vote for the man, not the party" put many Americans on the road to escalating debt, endless war and the tacit acceptance of torture as a requirement to make our dear leader feel safe.