Sunday, October 22, 2006


Today's Oklahoman editorial page is worth reading. In addition to op-ed columns by the two party chairs you will find positive endorsements for four Democrats in statewide races: Attorney General Drew Edmondson, State Treasurer Scott Meacham, State Superintendent Sandy Garrett, and State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland.

We think it telling that they have no preference in the Corporation Commissioner and State Auditor and Inspector races. Interesting because they refuse to endorse long time GOP commissioner Bob Anthony and former GOP party chair Gary Jones.

We of course believe that Democrat Cody Graves is the best choice for citizens on the Corporation Commission. Graves' intellect, extensive service as Corporation Commissioner and experience in areas regulated by the Commission will serve the ratepayers of Oklahoma well. Graves' reasonable, common sense approach surpasses the department store heir's record on the board.

State Auditor and Inspector Jeff McMahan has proven to be an advocate of good government who has continually performed audits to expose waste, fraud and abuse. The Tulsa World's recent endorsement was partly based on McMahan's work recognized by national groups for Accountability and Achievement in Government. McMahan deserves four more years and has earned the respect and trust of Oklahomans.

In the Labor Commissioner race Lloyd Fields should get the people's nod on November 7th. Brenda Reneau's adoption of a proven national safety in the workplace program shows little initiative or ability on her part and certainly her support of right to work for less has done nothing to improve pay, safety, labor relations, or economic development in this state. Oklahoma needs a Labor Commissioner who will be an advocate for Labor, not a shill for broken down GOP interests.

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