Monday, October 16, 2006

Talking Points: October 16

Key Point: Bush Republicans have failed. Iraq is in civil war. Iran is going nuclear. North Korea is testing nuclear weapons. America is less safe. Now Republicans think smears are a substitute for solutions, but the American people know it's time for a new direction.

The GOP Smear Machine

Bush Republicans have no ideas for the economy, no solutions in Iraq, and nothing but excuses for their failures.

With Americans facing a historic choice, Democrats have a comprehensive agenda for the future. Republicans have almost $100 million in attack ads.

It's time for accountability in Washington. Republicans try to talk tough, but they can't get the job done-and it's nobody's fault but their own.

This country deserves leaders who will fight for every American. Democrats are fighting to take this country in a new direction.


Iraq is in civil war. The intelligence community knows it, the military knows it, and the American people know it. Only the White House is stuck in a state of denial.

The intelligence community says Iraq makes terrorism worse. Even some top Republicans say we need to change course. It is time for a new direction.

America deserves better than leaders who talk tough but don't act smart. Democrats have the tough AND smart policies to give the American people the real security they deserve.

North Korea

North Korea is building bombs with weapons-grade plutonium made on President Bush's watch. This is George W. Bush's bomb. His North Korea policy is a failure.

The Bush Administration wants to blame anyone else for their own failures. They've had six years. They ARE the previous Administration.

In Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and North Korea, Bush Republicans have failed. It's time they stop pointing fingers and start protecting America.

The Bush Administration must finally get off the sidelines, rally the international community, and come up with a winning strategy to address the North Koreans.

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