Friday, October 27, 2006

Senate Democrats Lead in Key Races

Democrat Sean Burrage leads his Republican opponent in Senate District 2 by 48.7% to 39.2% with 12.2% undecided. This has been a great campaign run by a great candidate, good luck Sean!

Democrat John Mark Young has earned a 7.8% lead over his Republican opponent in the race for Senate District 12. Keep up the good work John Mark, Oklahoma needs you in the State Senate!

Democrat John Sparks has a commanding double digit lead over the Republican in Senate District 16. Not to rub it in or anything but the Republican is polling barely over 30%. Way to go John!

Democrat incumbent Senator Mary Easley has a double digit lead over the Republican challenger in Senate District 18. Thanks Senator for your leadership and sensitivity to your constituents!

Democrat Tom Ivester has a 25 point lead over the Republican in Senate District 26 in western Oklahoma. Tom's a fabulous candidate, a veteran, an attorney, and a farmer. He'll be a great voice for western Oklahoma.

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