Friday, October 20, 2006

Homecoming 2006

Tomorrow is Homecoming at OU and at OSU. Fans will line the parade routes to view the floats as the bands play and the teams prepare for the big game. Back in the old days local florists scrambled to produce oversized mum corsages with streaming ribbons of red or orange that matched the tissue paper floats carrying the homecoming royalty. Not so much now, but the idea remains evoking memories of younger years.

It's a cinch that tomorrow's events will include a full lineup of politicians in the parades. These folks, and their volunteers, have been showing up at every festival, parade, meet and greet, debate, forum, bean dinner, and pie supper for months because they want to meet the folks they represent "eye to eye" and to listen to their concerns. It's heart and soul of door to door, store to store politics. And Democrats have a whole lot of heart and soul. Their big game is November 7th. That's Homecoming for all Democrats and the way things are shaping up it looks like a lot of moderate, reasonable Republicans will be joining us this year. Our team is experienced, honest, trustworthy. They know the game, they know the players, and the know the opponents. Our team is prepared for offense and defense. Our team is ready for the big game. We are ready for Homecoming 2006!

Now, we've been talking to a lot of real people and they tell us they are tired of extreme politics, they are sick of negative attacks on good people and they will give their vote to the candidates who have earned their trust. That's why people are coming home to the Democrats. Won't you join us? Call us at 405.427.3366 for more information about the Oklahoma Democratic Party and our candidates, or visit us at

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