Friday, October 27, 2006

TAKE SIX in '06

TAKE SIX is an innovative program designed by the Women's Vote Center to reach the 20 million unmarried women who did not vote in 2004 -- the biggest potential group of new voters in the country, and the most likely to vote for Democrats -- but only if they vote.

Come by our office to pledge to TAKE SIX unmarried women to the polls and pick up a "Ask me about TAKE SIX" button. Or you can sign up here.

Getting this group of voters to the polls will be critical to victory in 2006 -- and by committing to TAKE SIX unmarried women to the polls, you can make sure women are the margin of victory in this election.

We know that women trust what they hear from other women. That is what the TAKE SIX campaign is all about; women talking to other women about the issues that matter to them, like health care and economic security, and making clear that they can do something to bring change to our country - if they vote.

TAKE SIX participants commit to identifying SIX unmarried women they will be responsible for getting to the polls. Unlike other efforts that focus only on registration, TAKE SIX asks women to build a relationship with their 6 voters, and stay in touch with them through Election Day -- or ensure their votes have been cast early.

Find out more here, and get involved!

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