Sunday, October 15, 2006

I couldn't believe my ears.

I caught most of the discussion between Dr. David Hunter and "Million Dollar" Mary Fallin in KFOR's Flashpoint this morning. Out of the blue, Mary Fallin shared her expertise about the health care crisis facing Americans.

"Some of these people," she said, "choose not to have health insurance." That's a paraphrase, actually - I'll have to listen to the playback at, but that's what I heard her say.

As Dr. Hunter responded - I think he was stunned by what she'd said - that's a very very small percentage of people. I remember one of them. Rush Limbaugh. I once heard him talking about how much easier it was to simply go in to the doctor and pay cash for a doctor's visit, and not mess with the paperwork of filing insurance claims and deductibles and all those nuisances. Of course, that was before he got caught doctor-shopping and abusing prescriptions. Yeah, that's a great role model on which to base a health care policy.

The truth is, too many American's don't have health care because they can't afford it. It's not a question of choice for most Oklahomans, but a question of affordability and availability. That shows how out of touch Mary Fallin is with the real problems facing voters. She's been on the public dole for the past sixteen years, and thinks people without health insurance choose to do without. When they need health care, it becomes an unfunded burden on the system. That's not the best way to operate. Dr. David Hunter will bring a wealth of expertise on this issue to Congress, and is the right choice for the Fifth District November 7.


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