Sunday, October 29, 2006

Consequences of Majority

If Oklahomans want to have any say in the next Congress in Washington they will elect Democrats in November. Every indicator points to a Democratic Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and a majority in the U.S. Senate is possible. Majority matters. It matters because the majority party controls the legislative agenda and assigns the chairmen of powerful committees. If Oklahoma sends Republicans to Washington then our position will diminish significantly with their minority status.

Representatives Tom Cole, Frank Lucas, and John Sullivan will be yesterday's news as will their Republican cronies in D.C. Only Congressman Dan Boren, CD2, will be in the majority unless Oklahomans rise up and recognize they have an opportunity to improve our state's position by electing Democrats in the other four Congressional districts.

A Tulsa World story by Jim Myers today says "Oklahomans could wake up the day after the upcoming elections facing dramatically less clout in their nation's capitol.

If Republicans lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives as expected by more than a few, the state will suffer its biggest loss in congressional power and influence in more than half a century.

As many as four members of the state's House delegation could end up in the minority, leaving only one Oklahoman in the majority party that will be controlling that chamber's agenda.

Wiped out would be a current subcommittee chairmanship, the chances of gaining others and opportunities to even get a hearing on legislation the majority of the delegation wanted to sponsor. " To read the whole story click here.

Clearly, Oklahoma has an opportunity here to elevate our position in Washington. Clearly, Oklahoma voters MUST elect DEMOCRATS on November 7th.

This IS about Majority and it IS about our PARTY. Elect Democrats Alan Gentges, CD1; re-elect Dan Boren, CD2; elect Sue Barton, CD3; elect Hal Spake, CD4, and elect Dr. David Hunter, CD5.

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