Thursday, October 26, 2006

ODP Media Release: Hunter Supports Smart Science; Fallin Denies Life-Saving Research

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa Pryor today said Democratic 5th Congressional District candidate, Dr. David Hunter will support smart science and support funding for embryonic stem-cell research if elected to Congress on Nov. 7th. His opponent, Mary Fallin has said she would follow party lines and not support this life-saving research.

“Democrats like Dr. Hunter, a long-time health provider, support this life-saving research. Oklahomans in the 5th District have a choice between a candidate who believes in crafting public policy based on extremist, limiting ideological beliefs, and one who believes in making decisions based on the best evidence available and the advice of experts,” Pryor said.

Pryor said voters can elect Hunter, a forward-thinking health professional committed to improving health care for all Oklahomans.

Stem cell research could open doors to new and improved solutions to medical problems and be the answer to curing diseases that effect millions of Americans living with ailments that scientists believe can treated or cured based on stem cell research.

“The extreme ideology of Republicans like Fallin is standing in the way of public policy,” Pryor said. “Americans overwhelmingly support expanding federal funding for stem cell research, and yet, Republicans continue to cater to their extreme right-wing base. We derserve a Congressman in the 5th District who understands the need to find new and creative solutions to our health care problems.”

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