Friday, October 27, 2006

ODP Media Release: Anthony’s Above the Law Antics Questioned

In a sworn affidavit, a former employee of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission told Tom Daxon that Commissioner Bob Anthony asked to be removed from agency internet tracking because he was an elected official and not a state employee. The incident occurred when Daxon, currently the Republican State Party Chairman, was the Commission’s Acting General Administrator and conducting a computer audit for pornography.

“One would think that if you receive a monthly paycheck from the State of Oklahoma that you would be considered a state employee,” Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa Pryor said. “This issue is about transparency and accountability in state government. If Bob Anthony draws a monthly paycheck from the state then he is a state employee and he is certainly not exempt from administrative and operational checks and balances within his own office.”

Graves offers real leadership to a Commission that he knows well, as he previously served as Chairman of the Commission.

“Bob Anthony has lost his way at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. If Anthony wants to hide his Internet activity, what else is he willing to hide from Oklahomans? Enough is enough. It is time for honest leadership and time for change at the Commission,” Pryor said. “Once an idealistic reformer, Anthony stands in the way of transparent and accountable government at the Corporation. Cody Graves won’t play games with the public like Bob Anthony.”

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