Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Where Have All the "W"s Gone?

Is it just me or are those obnoxious "W" decals disappearing? In my daily commute up I35 there are fewer and fewer of the decals and certainly the BushCheney bumper stickers are now nearly obsolete. At our office we're getting calls daily for Democratic bumper stickers. We often have calls for the Had Enough? Vote Democratic ones, and then there's one of my personal favorites, You Voted for Bush? How Embarassing. We can't keep a supply of Christian and Democrat. I tell you, people have had enough of the extremist ideology that practices fear and smear. People are ready for real solutions and real leadership to real problems. People are sick and tired of bumper sticker political rhetoric masquerading as public policy. This is not my imagination, the President's approval rating in Oklahoma is under the breakeven point and shows no sign of any significant comeback. Check out the most recent SurveyUSA poll showing Bush at 51% disapproval. One local GOP candidate, who at one time, hitched his political wagon to Bush, is now claiming BFF status with Democrat Governor Brad Henry! Yeah, right.

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