Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Polling Shows Democrats Widening Their Lead

NPR released a new poll today that shows even more Americans are preparing to vote for Democrats on election day, Nov. 7. In fact, 51% said they'd support the Democratic candidate and only 40% said they would vote for the Republican. Fully 64% of voters think the country is on the wrong track and 56% disapprove of Bush's performance in office.

Click here for the complete poll results.

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Linda Wade said...

I received a lengthy e-poll today from Polling Point.

What is very interesting is that SPECIFICALLY asked for my views on HAL SPAKE.

The also asked to find out if I knew Tom Cole's voting record. Tom is calling Hal's ad on NAIS that points out Tom's YES vote on funding this flawed and dangerous bill...NEGATIVE ADVERTISING.

I think Tom needs to change his voting habits if telling Oklahomans about his VOTES makes him think someone is running a negative ad.