Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tulsa World Endorses Steve Gallo, HD 23

For Steve Gallo
Newcomer best choice in House District 23

By World's Editorial Writers

Voters in House District 23 in east Tulsa have a chance to send a strong voice to Oklahoma City on Nov. 7 by electing Democrat Steve Gallo to the post.

Gallo is taking on incumbent Sue Tibbs, who has held the seat since 2000.

While Tibbs' legislative career has not been alarmingly unsatisfactory, the district could have more effective representation. An outgoing and energetic schoolteacher who works with children at a local shelter, Gallo certainly could provide that.

Tibbs, 71, and Gallo, 35, both are from Tulsa and are familiar with their district. Gallo, in fact, still lives in the home where he grew up.

A former Marine, Gallo graduated from East Central High School and has a bachelor's degree in education from Oklahoma State University. He currently is working to finish his law degree at the University of Tulsa College of Law.

He is employed with Tulsa Public Schools and is assigned to work with at-risk youth at the Laura Dester Youth Shelter. It takes a special individual to want to work with these children, most of whom will be at the shelter only a matter of days. His willingness to take on such difficult demands surely suggests Gallo has the mettle to work in the legislative arena.

Gallo clearly has done his homework on the issues and shows he can work to achieve thoughtful, reasonable resolutions. Being a teacher, it is not surprising he understands the importance of education to children and the state's future.

"Oklahoma's hard-working parents should know their children are in excellent schools -- mediocrity is unacceptable. Education is the key to more and better opportunities for all Oklahomans. It's simple, great schools will attract great jobs. Excellence in education is a solution to most of Oklahoma's pressing problems," he states in his campaign material.

Gallo decries the squabbling that dominated the last legislative session, contending that education and infrastructure have been hurt by the bickering.

He supports more scholarship programs for Oklahoma students and ensuring that early childhood education programs ultimately are available to all Oklahoma children who need them.

Gallo is one of the refreshing new candidates who exhibit energy, earnestness and dedication in both their professional lives and their public pursuits. He would be an effective representative for his district, Tulsa and the state. He deserves election to the House District 23 seat.

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