Thursday, October 19, 2006

Highlights of New NBC/WSJ poll include:

- 16% approve of the job Congress is doing and 75% disapprove.
- Control of Congress: 37% said Republicans and 52% say Democrats.

VIDEO of Tim Russert interview on NBC Tonight:


ANCHOR BRIAN WILLIAMS: Joining us for that is moderator of "meet the press" Tim Russert. Start us off with the president's approval.

TIM RUSSERT: Only 38% of Americans give president bush a positive job approval. 57% Disapprove. There is an increase in anxiety over the war in Iraq. Are you more optimistic about the war in Iraq, 20% and less optimistic, 68%. In June we asked that same question and it was 45 and 44.

WILLIAMS: With the war looming and with the elections coming up there's been a lot of other issues out there. The Foley congressional page scandal and Bob Woodward book. How is it all playing out?

RUSSERT: People have paid attention. This is how they responded. Are you more fafrle to keeping the republicans in control, 14% and less favorable, 47% and look at this number, Brian. Job approval for Congress, 16% approve of the job congress is doing and 75% disapprove. Compare that to October 1994, congress had a 24% job approval.

WILLIAMS: On this final question about how people plan to vote I know the answer is also a history

RUSSERT: It is a generic question maker. This is what we found. 37% Said republicans and 52% say democrats. It is the highest disparity since we have found since the beginning of this poll and certainly since 1994 and just a month ago there was a nine-point spread. Back in 1994 the republican his a six point advantage going into that election in November of 1994. The democrats have three times that. Republicans are very, very nervous tonight.

WILLIAMS: Numbers are on the move in the days ticking down to the election. Thanks for joining us tonight with that.

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