Friday, October 06, 2006

Askins, Collins, Green, Sparks, Kroehmer, DeSelms, Heavener

Some say Norman is the current "epicenter" of Democratic politics - while that's probably an exaggeration the city was host last night to at least three events in support of our candidates and elected officials. It was fun to see so many people at the Askins event. Jari Askins is truly energizing Democratic voters across the state. Between her and Gov. Brad Henry, this red county may go blue! Both of these fine leaders have strong campaign teams and great supporters.

Although I missed it, there was a fundraiser for our Democratic county officials Leroy Kroehmer, Saundra DeSelms and Denise Heavener. All three are dedicated, honest public servants and deserve to be re-elected. I did catch up with Leroy at the Santa Fe Steakhouse following the Askins event. What a truly great guy! I happened to be in east Norman last weekend and couldn't help but notice all the support for Leroy, Saundra and Denise.

The third event last night was the monthly meeting of Democrats in Action sponsored by Pct. 82. Keynote speaker was State Senator Nancy Riley. She spoke so eloquently of the differences between her former party and colleagues and her new Democratic colleagues. (She switched her registration early in the summer and since then has been revealing the dark side of the not compassionate conservative charade.) Also speaking at the Santa Fe was Wallace Collins who is campaigning hard and smart to defeat Bad Thad Balkman. (While driving around east Norman last weekend I think I found both Balkman signs. On the other hand, there's a Collins sign on every corner and on every block. Wallace and Pat and their family deserve to win this one -- they've earned it.) State Senate District 16 nominee John Sparks joined the group and was warmly received. He's knocking doors and talking to voters every day about important issues and will serve the district well. House District 53 nominee Troy Green attended the event after a day of knocking doors and talking to voters. If you haven't met Troy you need to, he has a heart as big as Dallas and there's not a pretentious bone in his body. The good people of HD 53 should give Troy a chance to represent them if they are interested in good government.

Senator Cal Hobson was present and as always offered great insight into the antics of the Repubs at the capitol. No one understands the issues like Hobson. Cleveland County has greatly benefited from his leadership and service.

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