Saturday, October 14, 2006

T-Town DFA: Hard at Work Electing Democrats

T-Town DFA got its start this past summer and has attracted many new members -- 46, at last count -- because they are working smart and being pragmatic. The Tulsa group is led by Jack Boyte and Gordon Holmes, but "led" is a tricky word. These gentlemen set the dates and the agenda for the choir practice, they also lead the group along, but really what they do is enable the members to get things done for Democrats.

T-Town DFA also does the regular stuff like man the Tulsa County Democrats fair booth, as seen in the above photos. Below is a report from co-founder Jack Boyte on their recent activities.

There were two new members at our meeting Thursday night, including Scott Byrd. Elaine Dodd was there and stayed for the whole event, even though she had emailed saying she would only drop in because she was going to the "Women's Voter Forum," too. Her input played a significant part in the success of the meeting.

I took a stack of the left-over Democratic Party door hangers from the summer to the meeting. I wrote "Had Enough, Vote Nov 7" with a Sharpie on 2" X 2" post-it notes and put them on a few door-hangers, as an example for all to emulate. When the meeting was over, all the hangers were gone! Craig, Matt(new member), and Ed asked for precinct voter lists.

Brad has done a personal mailing to Democrats in his precinct and will do another before the election.

Bottom line: I think there are now 4 others willing to do precinct social events and we have 46 online members.

The turnout for the TCDP 'Bean Dinner' last night was about 150. Alan made a good talk. But really it just intensified the commitment of both Gordon and myself to build from grass-roots up, one precinct at a time.

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