Monday, October 16, 2006

Daily Oklahoman: Democrats criticize Republican's claim

State Democrats criticized Republican Rep. Randy Terrill this week for saying on his Web site that he worked "to pave the way for the National Weather Center to be constructed in Norman." Lisa Pryor, the Oklahoma Democratic Party chairman, said Terrill should not take credit for the new weather center because he was not in the Legislature when the bill creating the center was approved in 2002.

Terrill, who represents Moore and parts of Norman, first was elected to the House in 2004.

"That statement is a bald- faced lie," Pryor said.

Terrill said he did not write the exact language on this Web site and is in the process of retooling his entire site. But he said he has been on record even before he was in the Legislature of being supportive of the weather center and has supported an annual appropriation to the University of Oklahoma to fund the center.

"It is sad and unfortunate that Lisa Pryor and the Democratic Party has resorted to nasty personal attacks, which are clearly an attempt to bolster the desperate and failing campaign of my opponent," Terrill said.

Terrill's opponent, Democrat Troy Green, said he thinks "it is a shame somebody has to stoop to that to try to win people over."

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