Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oklahoman Profiles HD 98 Candidate Rae Weese

Rae is dedicated to improving Oklahoma schools and is doing a great job in her race against incumbent John Trebilcock, the kind of Republican we need to send home.

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Candidate puts high priority on interaction

By John Estus
The Oklahoman

BROKEN ARROW -- Rae Weese grew tired of hearing her fellow House District 98 constituents complain about not being able to reach Rep. John Trebilcock, R-Broken Arrow, on the phone.

Her solution? File for office and unseat the incumbent herself.

Weese, a Democrat, said voters need to elect somebody who interacts with the community. She said Trebilock doesn't.

"He's not accessible," Weese said.

Trebilock wasn't accessible to The Oklahoman, either. He did not return repeated phone calls during a four-day period.

Living in District 98 for 30 years has helped Weese get to know the people there better than most, she said.

That's why campaigning against someone with a larger bankroll doesn't worry her.

"I don't know that we need all that much money. I think sometimes people spend an obscene amount of money on campaigns.

"The secret is talking to people one-on-one. Walking down Main Street and meeting all the merchants. Going house-to-house, business-to-business," Weese said.

Weese never has run for elected office but was a delegate for Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign and said she regularly volunteers for state candidates.

Her children attended Broken Arrow Public Schools, and Weese spent much of her time volunteering at the schools. She said it gave her first-hand knowledge of struggles faced by educators.

She said while teachers received admirable raises of $3,000 this past year, she would like to see all school workers get a raise.

"The support staff got nothing. They're equally important, from the janitor to the cafeteria to the office workers," Weese said.

She said she won't vote party line if elected and said her opponent has done so too often during his term.

Weese's husband, Dennis, is the Democratic candidate for Senate District 36.

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