Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Note From President Bill Clinton

Our way works. Their way doesn't.

That isn't just a theory anymore - it's historical fact.

Under Democratic leadership, we created millions more jobs; we lifted millions more people out of poverty and gave them health care; we expanded the middle class and raised the incomes of our families.

The Republicans who control the White House and the Congress have led us down a very different path. They've chosen ideology over community, harsh politics over good government, and personal destruction over common ground. They've left ordinary Americans to fend for themselves, and left the United States isolated around the world when we should be leading it instead.

Democrats have already won the battle of ideas. By a large majority, Americans are ready for a change. But now we need to win the battle on the ground - and that's where you come in. With your help, we can take back the House and Senate and move America forward.

Opportunities like this one come once in a lifetime. The far-right wing that is running the Republican Party has never been more vulnerable.

We are going to pick up seats in the Senate in November. The only question is how many: will we merely narrow the difference between us and Republicans, or will we elect a Democratic majority that gives us a chance to start putting our government back in our hands?

If you see the polls and read the newspapers, you know that every day, more and more Americans from all sorts of backgrounds and every corner of the country are demanding change in Washington.

Republicans are seeing it, too. And they're turning to one of the oldest and dirtiest tricks in the book: they're trying to scare people. They want folks to stop thinking. So when they spread fear, we need to spread facts.

Democrats across the nation are helping candidates all over the country to do just that. Already, they have knocked on hundreds of thousands of doors and made millions of phone calls. They've reached out to thousands of new voters every day. But we need to do more.

I am going to do everything I can over the next 13 days to reelect Democrats across our country to the House and Senate.

The races are close, and in these final days, your help makes all the difference. Americans are turning against the Republicans and are thinking for themselves. They're not afraid. They're hopeful.

If we have the resources to answer Republican fear-mongering with Democratic truth-telling, we are going to win this election.

That isn't a theory either - and with your help, the days of Republican control in Washington will be history.

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